Sewing & Hobby Room Organizing

If your sewing or crafting room could use a tune-up, Linda -- an avid quilter -- is ready to help! She organizes sewing rooms and provides innovative methods to make your hobby room more efficient.  

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Linda offers a variety of organizing options depending upon your budget and level of need.  For those who want Linda's help from start to finish, you can start with a Basic Needs Assessment followed by Hands-On Organizing assistance.  If you prefer to work on your own "time and dime", you may consider her Comprehensive Needs Assessment, in which you'll receive a 1½ hour on-site consultation followed by a written how-to plan so you can organize your room confidently and easily on your own.  For those outside of Linda's travel area, or those who seek to get organized but need fresh, creative ideas and product recommendations without the expense of hands-on help, our Virtual Organizing Needs Assessment is for you! 

Top Five Craft Room Organizing Tips!

  1. Maximize your storage space by getting clutter up off your countertop and floors.  Go vertical whenever you can! 
  2. Always store cutting mats flat (perhaps underneath your bed) or hang them from a skirt hanger in the closet.  Never stand them on end.
  3. Adjustable shelving is necessary for storing your supplies or containers.  For example, I sort my fabric by color (and/or novelty print) and store them in clear stackable containers. I only stack two containers per shelf.
  4. Adequate lighting is crucial!  I recommend Ott lamps (or a comparable brand) because they emit true color and don't give off heat (do not use halogen bulbs).  You can even purchase magnifier lamps, a valuable tool for doing fine hand work.
  5. Beware of cork boards.  They're great to hang your current pattern, but excessive paper and photos create visual clutter.