Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Organizer?
Professional Organizers provide information, products and hands-on assistance to help others get organized. A professional organizer should guide, encourage and educate clients about basic principles of organizing and time management by offering support, focus and direction.

What can a professional organizer do for me?
A professional organizer can provide ideas, information, structure, solutions, and systems, which can increase productivity, reduce stress, and lead to more control over time, space and activities.

How do I select a professional organizer?
In selecting a professional organizer, it is important to find someone you like and with whom you feel comfortable. Conduct phone interviews with several organizers in your area. Ask questions about the organizer's years in business, background and/or training, specialty or area of expertise, and are they a NAPO member (National Association of Professional Organizers).

Why would I want to hire a NAPO organizer versus a non-NAPO organizer?
When you choose to work with a member of NAPO, you have the benefit of working with a professional who is associating with the best in the industry, someone who is taking advantage of the most thorough education opportunities in the industry, and someone who has agreed to abide by the highest professional and ethical standards, as described in the NAPO Code of Ethics. A professional organizer who is a NAPO member has made a commitment to his/her business and thus to you, the client.

Okay, I've decided on The Organized Option, but I'm embarrassed to let anyone see my home. I think I'm the most disorganized person I know. How will Linda react when she sees my mess?
Linda Griffith prides herself in being non-judgmental. She has seen homes from one end of the disorganization spectrum to the other. She is empathetic and understands you're reaching out for help. Linda is a consultant who will ask questions, make observations and suggestions to help you decide what is, or is not, important to you. Ultimately, you, the client, are the final decision-maker.

Does The Organized Option do the work or does Linda tell me how to do it?
That is a personal decision based on your needs and budget.  There are a variety of options, whether you want to implement Linda's suggestions on your "own time and dime" or have her return to do the Hands-On Organizing with you.  There is even a "virtual" needs assessment option for those who live outside Linda's travel area, which offers advice and guidance via email and telephone. 

How long will it take to get me organized?
There is no set answer, as each organizing project is different. Length of a project will depend primarily on the size of your home or office, the amount of clutter and/or paper that has built up, and how quickly you can make decisions