Linda got her start as an organizer in the corporate world many years ago. She worked for 26 years as an executive assistant and office manager. While employed, Linda earned her BS Degree in Business Management. She achieved many work-related awards, but became restless and felt she needed to instead do something to make a difference in people's lives.

She took a year off and did some soul-searching. Linda felt a growing need to give back to the community, and began volunteering with hospice organizations and animal rescue groups.

Her next step was to fulfill a long-held desire to start her own business. But doing what? She asked herself: "What do I do well, and what do I enjoy doing?" She had always enjoyed her career of organizing offices, creating Policy and Procedure Manuals, and coordinating tradeshow events. She did some research into the organizing profession and discovered it was a growing, thriving field. She knew she was in the right place, at the right time . . . and The Organized Option was formed. Linda is the first one to tell you that she finally has a well-rounded life - let her help you do the same!

Linda specializes in organizing sewing and craft rooms, as well as residential and home-based businesses. A regular columnist on organizing topics for The Country Register, Linda speaks nationwide to women's organizations, quilting guilds, and scrapbooking associations. The creator of the Messiest Sewing Room Contest™, Linda has helped dozens of sewers, crafters and home based business owners to achieve a clutter-free, efficient work area and regain their lost energy.